Brodie Collection Services is
one of Adelaide’s leading
Debt Collection agencies.

We also provide debt collection Services from our offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Persuasiveness, persistence and professionalism are the hallmarks of our debt collection recovery Agency.

Our staff are qualified mercantile agents, we always act with integrity and receive onging training in these fields. Our expert Adelaide debt collectors are highly trained, qualified and committed to getting your debt paid in the fastest possible time.

Brodie Collection Services debt Collectors provide both personal and commercial debt collection services for all of Adelaide including Mount Gambier, Whyalla, Gawler, Port Pirie, Port Augusta, Murray Bridge and Port Lincoln.and all other small regional across the state of South Australia

About us

Give your business the advantage of partnering with a first-class collection recovery agency that always puts clients first.

We get to the bottom of why you’re not being paid, then implement the most effective debt collection strategy to ensure a successful recovery.

* Our debt collectors have 25+ years’ experience in debt collection, our commercial recovery strategies are proven to achieve results and we have undeniable outcomes proving debtors will pay once a licensed professional and reputable debt Collector agency becomes involved.

* With our Agency model being commission only (no win – no fee) we are incredibly invested in every file referred and work each case relentlessly with our sole focus to ensure a successful recovery.

* Like any strong relationship, we believe in tailoring our commission rates to meet client’s expectation as opposed to a generic schedule of rates. Our fees to recover outstanding debt amounts are some of the lowest in the industry, with commission rates from a low 4%.

* Additionally, we have stripped out all red tape and have a simple debt referral process:
– NO Account or Collection form required
NO client contract to sign
NO up front fee.

Simply click on the Lodge Your Debt Online button below, input your debt details and we will commence recovery within 3 hours of submission.


Trust all your debt collection problems to one of Adelaide’s best debt recovery firms – remember no collection, no charge so there is no risk to you.

For multiple debts we will tailor our rates to meet your requirements. Simply call (08) 8488 7301 or email us at or fill in the below form for a confidential, no obligation discussion about your business needs when it comes to debt recovery.

By engaging Brodie Collection Services for your debt recovery needs, you are getting the benefit of working with a first class debt collection agency.

Old debts, debts written-off previously, debts not recovered from other Debt Collection Agencies, we will take them on at NO cost to you. One-off debts are certainly welcome!

If you’re looking to protect one of your most vital assets (your debtors ledger) – look no further, as our local specialists understand what it takes to get your debt paid reducing your exposure to bad debts.

Discover how we can help reduce your exposure to risk and bad debts today.

Brodie Collection Services is committed to maintaining genuine diversity in thought, experience and perspective TO OVERCOME OBJECTION AND SUCCEED.

Call us on 1300 276 343 or fill in this form for a free appraisal of your debt.

Call us on 1300 276 343 or fill in this
form for a free appraisal of your debt.


    We found that Brodie Collection Services went to the nth degree to help us recover our money from a Director who decided to go “MIA”.

    Through persistence and determination they managed to locate the missing Director and gain payment whereas we thought the money was lost.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Brodie Collection Services to help you with your businesses debt recovery.

    HELEN FENECH, AWS Australia

    We started using Brodie Collection Services many years ago by chance. A fax came through from them advertising their services, we decided to try them on a few clients that had not paid for months.

    We found that they put 100% effort in getting our money and succeeded.

    We would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone who needs help in getting their bad debtors to pay their outstanding accounts.

    CHERYL, Burns, Hamilton and Partners Pty Ltd

    Brodie Collection Services successfully helped me recover a debt from a rather well known Australian company that was trying to avoid payment.

    It is wonderful that they provide services to clients from abroad and for any amount! In my field, especially, (I work as a translator), these kinds of services are necessary sometimes.

    I would definitely recommend them.

    ROXANA BROWN, Sworn Translator